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Are you doing marriage in God’s way or in your way?

Marriage was Instituted for a reason and till the Institutor(God) reasons are met, that vaccum will be there and nothing else can fill it except his reasons(purpose)… So your questions should be Lord why do you want me to marry that woman? Lord why do you want me to marry that man? Finding out his ressons will aid you to do marriage in God’s way…

Just few people understand that marriage isn’t about them but about God, God brings two people(a man and a woman) together to carry his instruction in a bigger and double (duo)way, your coming together was to do it together not separately.

When you know MARRIAGE isn’t about you but about God, the both of you will be more conscious of God, just imagine my husband walks up to me and say Dear, the Lord instructed me to have a 7 days dry fast, it is either I say dear “can I join you”? or tell him I am in full support of whatever God tells him to do or I might not be able to join due to circumstances ( pregnancy, breastfeeding our baby) but I will constantly encourage him and also ensure I prepare different delicacies and natural drinks for him to take after he is done with his fast to regain the physical strength he might have lost.

That’s what marriage is all about because if I am not with him, he might likely just break his fast with garri or go and buy something that might drain his spiritual strength that he has received and vice versa…

What am I saying in essence is that till you understand that marriage is not about you but about God, you won’t do in God’s way, and if you don’t do marriage in God’s way, you are not doing marriage at all, infact don’t bother to get married…

Prophet Hosea’s (Hosea chapter 1-3) marriage wasn’t about him but about God( God was trying to illustrate how he love the children of Israel despite their unfaithfulness to him), likewise Prophet Ezekiel marriage(Ezekiel 24:15), I am sure that his wife’s death will be a “big blow on his face” but God also had to use that to tell the Israelites how they must behave when his judgement comes upon them and many others..

Your marriage isn’t for your glory but for God’s glory, so allow God to use it for his glory.


The conclusion of the whole matter is I need you to understand that till you satisfy God to the fullest in your marriage, you might not experience true satisfaction in that marriage…

#True satisfaction comes when you do marriage in God’s way…
#Have you satisfied God in your marriage?

God’s plan or Your plan.

It is so true that we attract who we are…
If you are a dubious person, you will be attracted to one, If you are good person, you will be attracted to one but that doesn’t necessarily means the person is meant for us…

Just ensure you are attracted to someone that is according to God’s plan…

Because the moment we do anything out of his plan, it is either we will be frustrated or we will be struggling…

We might say Godforbid but I want us to understand that God’s plan is like his manual for our lives and we know how important a manual is to the equipment we purchase…

Let me quickly tell us a short story about the pop corn machine we bought, In the manual, it was clearly written that sugar should not be poured into the machine, only the corn but we didn’t follow the manual, we were like, how are we going to pour corn without sugar…

To our greatest suprise, the machine became faulty.
Do we want to know the reason?
The simple reason is that we didn’t follow what was written in the manual, we thought we were enjoying it while doing it in our way till it suddenly got damaged 😫☹️…

Probably the machine will still be working if only we had obeyed the instructions on the manual… And that is how it is in God’s plan, if you are in not in line with God’s plan, you might enjoy it for a while but don’t be suprise when we suddenly stop working (when frustration and dissatisfaction) set in.

A lot of people say God won’t force us against our will, I totally agree to that because the manual didn’t force us to use it in their own way but the machine didn’t last because we failed to follow the manual…

I wish someone will just make up their mind today and say Lord help me to be constantly be in line with your plan for my life, marriage, career and every other area of my life…

#When you are out of his plan, you are out of his protection..
#You might feel others are enjoying outside of God’s will, but look inward,
1 Samuel 16:7
#Desire God’s will and nothing else. ©June 28th 2020

#Jesus speaks I write

#Godly Inspiration Channel

© Omolewa Mary Olubukola

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Mothers are Gift to the World ❤️💗❣️.

Her Love Is Real…

This piece is dedicated to all the mothers all over the world…

I tried to look for the right words to quantify the worth of a mother, that was when I realize no word is enough to describe the sacrifice of a mother, the heart of a mother and the love of a mother…

She is just too priceless, too precious and too protective.. Mothers just show a bit of how God loves his children…

Anybody can give birth but A mother is someone that understand sacrifice, love and dedication…

• Should I talk about the pain of carrying a foetus for 9 months or more?
• Should I talk about the sleepless night that comes after delivery this little damsel?
• Should I talk about the dedication and sacrifice to ensure that the child Is fulfilled?
• Should I talk about the silent tears and the long discussions?
• Should I talk about the gifts of endurance and patience the Lord has bestowed on every mother?
• Should I also talk about her unending love?
I can go on and on but for the purpose of this piece, I must confess that Mothers (You) are STRONG.
S- Sensitive
T – Trusted
R- Resilient
O- Observant
N- Noble &
G- Great

Thanks for giving your best without reservation.
You are mysterious wonder 😉😊.
You are woman of Strength and Grace..
You are not failure, I know you feel you are too imperfect for your children but no, you are perfect in your own way, putting your best for the success of your children…
You will definitely eat the fruit of your labour..

I know your silent tears behind closed door praying for Grace and strength not to quit..
I know sometimes you feel you are not been appreciated 😔 and that is why I here to tell you that the Lord will not forget your labour of love over your children…
Thanks for acting so strong when you are weak…

I love 🤭🥰 you with all my heart, I cherish you and I am dedicating this piece to you ….
You will not lose your reward…..

#To all mothers all over the World…
#Please celebrate your mother, let her heart bless you, in her mouth lies words of power and authority…
#Please don’t ever make her cry, it breaks her spirit and it breaks the heart of God..
# Always Remember she sacrificed a lot In other to meet your needs…

#From the heart that understand the sacrifice of a mother..
#Jesus speaks I write. ©June 26th 2020.
#Omolewa Mary Olubukola.

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The Anointed or The Appointed.

There is a huge difference between been Anointed and been Appointed…
This is the phase many people do not understand 😔…
You can be Appointed yet not Anointed
And you can be Anointed but not Appointed…
And this second phase is our focus in this piece..

So, there is a process between been Anointed and been Appointed…
Are you surprised?🌝
Wait, let’s dive into God’s word, his word is more powerful than any two-edged sword…

So, our case study is David (the shepherd boy), let me assume we all know the story of David, so I will proceed to the point where Samuel came to anoint him in 1 Samuel Chapter 16:12&13…

Imagine after he had Anointed him, he was sought after; how?
Saul sought for a man who was a skilful player on the harp in other to make the distressing spirit that comes upon him to depart…

Imagine he was Anointed as a king but was not yet Appointed as the king, An Anointed king playing for a rejected king)… I wish I could go further to explain why God took him to the palace but it won’t be necessary in this piece…

so, you can comment below or message me so that I can tell you 😊🧏. And many more other case study I would have loved to add but I believe this piece would inspire you to read about Saul(who later became Paul), Samuel and many others…

If God has anointed, and you begin to run or contest for position, you might run ahead of God’s time with the hope that you are helping God which isn’t possible.

A lot of sisters pick based on face value judgement, especially sisters in the fellowship, That, a brother isn’t Appointed doesn’t mean he has not been Anointed…
But Sister’s eyes are fixed on President, Secretary, Bible coordinator and the likes and brothers aren’t exempted from this too.

But only those are discerning enough will recognise the brother or sister that is anointed but still in the process of being appointed because the lord prepares before he gives position…

If you know God has Anointed you please wait for me to Appoint you.. his Appointment last better than man’s Appointment..

So, many sisters/brothers say I want their partner to be a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet and … so when they don’t get to see the manifestation of they’ve wish or prayed for, they feel it is not God leading them, but how do you know he has not been anointed as a Pastor, Teacher etc but maybe God hasn’t appointed him because he isn’t done with his preparation class….

Let me conclude by saying this, Please desire to judge based on what God says not what you see……..

#His ways are past finding out…..
#Jesus speaks I write
©June 26 2020

Marriage is a Reality Show

So I farted yesterday and it stunk so badly, argh it was irritating right?, Yeah I know! but trust me marriage will shock you, this particular one gave birth to this piece you about to read.

so let’s imagine that I(You) am/are in the sitting room with my (your) spouse and the next thing he(she) hears is “papapopa” (I don’t know if that makes sense). The whole sitting room is filled with my(your)release……. Will you run, insult or begin to avoid him or her…

You think you know your spouse, you courted for 24years and now you are finally married.

My friend this is when you will know who they are ooo and how to usually forget to flush.
How they spend 13hours in the bathroom (exaggerating though)😉.
How they sleep for Africa🥱.
How they snore and fart badly😌.
How they press the toothpaste from the end or the Middle🥳.
How they leave their dishes, underwear for days😯…
How they sleep talk😴.

How they eat from the pot without using spoon and how the scrape the pot whenever it is burnt (it can either be beans, indomie, spaghetti)….

How their sneeze sound like bomb( though I exaggerating but it Is similar to that.. I stayed in the hostel for a year as an undergraduate and I understand what I am saying.

How they pick their nose like they are turning “Amala”🤤.

How they pour saliva from their mouth whenever they are sleeping..

Begin to name other bad habit that you know….
Let me even tell you a story
A man confessed that this was a big issue for him during his first year in marriage . He usually leave for work around 5, so before he leaves, he usually go to his wife to kiss her but her mouth and pillow was usually filled with saliva and this was usually a total turnoff for him. And this caused rift between him and his wife till he realised that there was nothing he could do about it…

But he never saw this part of her in courtship, so you can see the way they paint marriage is not really the way it is…

I know of a girl in school then, if you see her in the morning, you will think she is sick, because her makeup has affected her face but to be candid the man that will marry her might likely not see that till after marriage . And the morning after his wedding, he is disappointed🥴….

I know a lot of people will say then it is better she come leave with me before marriage, my dear you cannot still no her… if there is always a new dimensions to the equipment you are using , how much more an human being.

As an undergraduate living in the hostel, I usually wash my dishes as soon as I am done eating, so they usually feel my own was too much, but the reality of it is that i don’t do that at home but I can’t do that outside because none of my siblings are there to help me like they do at home…so I usually drag myself downstairs to wash my plates but in my roommate mind, they feel this girl is so neat. So hilarious right?

I had an interview with a beautiful couple last month and while it was going on, his wife farted, he had to apologize for getting distracted and after he said that, his wife laughed over it.

Marriage will expose those bad habit you failed to work upon, though there are some that are inevitable like farting, belching, etc.
But those little foxes that spoil the vineyard.
Like leaving your dishes unwashed for days.
Soaking your clothes for days… Etc

I remember those times my mum use to correct me and I will give myself that hope that don’t worry my husband will love me like that…
My dear who lied to you, I discovered i was deceiving myself when the holy spirit ministered to me that would i love to marry someone like myself (that does all what you are corrected to do away with)
In my mind I was like Godforbid…
I was rejecting myself.🤕, imagine🙄! And i want another person’s child to love me like that.

Neither am I saying I am perfect right now..
But truth be told, allow the holy spirit to work on those flaws, I am not saying be perfect before marriage, what I am saying in essence is that constantly take that effort to do away with bad habits of picking your nose, teeth etc…
Now I know why marriage is a mystery…

Living with someone is different from loving the person.

Marriage will expose you and expand you, don’t let anyone paint marriage for you… have an open mind when it comes to marriage.

Habit die hard, so let the holy spirit begin to work on that habit till christ comes(not your spouse)…

Been worked upon is a lifetime thing, not because of a life partner.

Hope with this I have been able to convince you that Marriage is a reality show.

#JESUS speaks I write. ..

#Inspired by the holy spirit after i farted.

#Written by Omolewa Mary Olubukola

May 2nd 2020.

Happy new month everyone.

Can Sex Keep A Man?

I really feel for my generation because the society has made it so gratifying to have sex before marriage but as Christians, the scripture should be our standard. Let’s look at what is more glorifying, Hebrews 13:4 and look at what it says

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled:*

If sex couldn’t keep brother Amnon (2 Samuel 13), do you think sex will keep “your Brother Amos”. Please don’t let the devil give you a fairytale that Will be hazardous to your future.

Let me be real with you, when a man is lusting after you, he will want to do a quick one(have sex with you) because that the end result of Lust. But when a man loves you like Christ love the church. He will control his urges till the union has been solidified.

Remember that you can only become a student of a school when you’ve been given admission, so it is only in marriage that you’ve been given the license to have sex. When you have sex, you are joined to as many as you sleep with and a soul tie is produced.

Let’s look at Genesis 2:24
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
What makes them one flesh is sex. That how powerful sex is, I am trying to analyse this to let you know that the more you give out your rubies, the more your reputation is rubbed off. ( You become one to as many you have sex with).

Let me share a secret about men to you and I know they won’t be angry…
Men knows ladies that won’t trade their virginity for a billion dollars but they know girls that will trade it for buns.

You have no right to give that man what he hasn’t paid for, common do you know what the word of God says about you * A woman that fears the lord shall be praised*. A woman that fears God will trade her body for anything if even that her last chance of getting married. Your purity to God produces praise from the man that knows your peculiarity that you are from a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar person, (Read 1 Peter 2:9).

A virtuous woman is hard to find, so godly man knows that you you are not forming hard rather he knows that woman like you are worth above rubies and you are ready to pay the price for purity.

Don’t ever believe that sex can keep a man rather sex can will make him hate you instantaneously or gradually (ask Ammon ).

A man of valour knows the worth of a virtuous woman and he is ready to pay the price…
A popular saying goes thus * why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free*… So why should he marry you when you’ve given him what he need.

Marriage is an huge responsibility already, building a faulty foundation will just crash the marriage because his trust for you has been broken but he won’t tell you.

No man will tell you that he want his daughter to have sex before marriage, he can kill anyone who tries it,
so are you getting my point now?
If you are currently in a relationship and your man is asking for sex, kindly ask him this critical Questions.

Do you love me enough to do the needful before satisfying your need? (Satisfying a man’s need for sex will only bring separation).

What my worth before you that you think you are worthy to have my body before the wedding?

What price are you really to pay after you sleep with me?

If he mention some amount of money or Marriage, he has just told you how cheap you are.. no man can pay any amount to sleep with you, your body belongs to the Lord, so you’ve been bought with a price already.
His death on that cross was the price Jesus paid for you my dearest sister.

Except if the man is ready to be crucified again then you will know he has paid the price.

In conclusion sex can and will never keep a man, Your body can’t keep a man if he hasn’t been kept by God.
@Omolewa Mary Olubukola
©24 April 2020.


Jesus speak I write.

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I was fed with negative words from people, words like, you are too fat, your hair is not long, you don’t have  pink lips like your sisters etc.

I tried to find my identity, you know as the first girl, you are meant to be appreciated, but my siblings take the praise, I began to wonder why God didn’t create me like my younger siblings, why was I not beautiful, why do people feel I am the one consuming the food in the house.

So I accepted my fate and started seeking for love, so any guy that walks up to me to tell me I AM BEAUTIFUL as not just won my heart but my attention, the devil saw what God wanted to use me for, so he began by using people to sow negative words that brought my self-esteem down, to the point that I began to dislike my siblings, I began to use all manner of creams. I began to brush my lips with sugar and honey, I used all kinds of lip balm, even my friend in secondary school gave me a lip balm that will bleach my black lips, yet none worked for me.

But I didn’t give up, then we constantly ran out of sugar and honey that my mum kept wondering how these things finish easily, not knowing I was the culprit, I can’t count the number of eggs I used on my hair, don’t let even talk about the way I use our cooking oil like water (when we were still using Wesson)into the egg I use for my hair.

But my hair wasn’t growing but it was cutting not knowing my hair texture is different from the ones I see on internet, not knowing that God gave me an extremely soft hair but my eyes wasn’t open to that, I wanted to be commended about my long hair, I wanted the attention visitors were giving my siblings.

To cut the long story short, my worth was trampled upon and I wanted a guy (I cannot use the word man because I was still very young) who would love my short hair, black lips, fat irritating body and my bow leg( o are you surprise珞, yes I have a bow leg, which I never knew wasn’t a big issue because mine wasn’t obvious.

I tried all kinds of soap just to be accepted by people, but I became more ugly by the day, I began to dwell more on looks than what I carry on the inside, I never knew it was Jesus I needed till I had encounter with him, if not for that ENCOUNTER only God knows what I would have done with those guys trying to talk me into doing unspeakable things, truly Grace kept me, Grace preserved me and Grace has brought me this far, I decided to pen this down for other young people to learn.

Jesus is all you need, I don’t know what you’ve heard but Jesus can erase those negative words and Install his amazing and loving words in you. Now I am most grateful for the beautiful smile he gave me, the amazing small eyes, my long face (people say I have a man’s but I say my face is like that of my creator ), I can keep mentioning but it will take years to pen down the beautiful and wonderful way God has created me, why don’t you drop your phone down now and say LORD I AM GRATEFUL. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO THANK YOU FOR CREATING ME IN YOUR IMAGE.

You are beautiful 😍 beyond description because no one can describe God so no one can describe you, even if people say you are beautiful, that is little compared to what God has called he says “YOU ARE THE APPLE OF HIS EYES”.

Dear parent, please don’t let anyone feed your child with negative words that will bring them down or make feel worthless, words are seed that germinate and spring forth different things, so feed your teenage daughter or son with the word of God, because the word of God are words  of life and it can destroy every destructive words they might hear in your absence, tell them that they are the Apple of God’s eyes.

Let them know that God is not ugly, so a child of God can never be ugly, because it is truth that can set them free (word of God). Let them know how precious they are in the sight of God, let them be aware of God’s love, tell them that the bow legs(probably that one thing they don’t like about themselves) they have is how called has uniquely and distinctly created them, so no one can be like them and they can never be like any persons.


© January 9 2020

Dear Parents

Let your child learn the act of praying on their own.
I have realized that children from Christian homes know their “parent” God but they don’t know God for themselves and that the more reasons why they misbehave.

Fine! God is the same but he act in different dimension to those that know him personally.

That why the Bible says “They that know their God shall be strong and do exploit”.
It is their” and not “your” or ” our”.

Parent please be careful that your children doesn’t serve God as a routine, like waking up in the morning to have devotion as a family but as a relationship ( mastering the act of having a quiet time before stepping out of their rooms for family devotion).
See when you gather as a family, you are not the only one saying what God told you but what God told them or what they learnt in their quiet time with God.

Prayerfully install the act of knowing God personally in them, sometimes, if they come to you for advice, please tell them to ask God first, let them know it Is God first before you, because when you answer them on everything, they begin to depend solely on the God you are serving. Let them know you are their earthly dad but they have an heavenly father who you also learn from and vice versa.

Let me be real here, my younger brother ( in primary school then) woke up with an instruction from God that God told him to should fast and pray, I was shocked because this particular brother of mine hate fast, so whenever our parent ask us to fast, it is either he disturb everybody with his cry of hunger 😂 or go and eat without consent from anybody 😌.

Please note: Devotion is good because you come together as a family 😊 to pray, worship and study the word, but knowing God personally is the best, even if your child moves away from them, nothing with change or hold them back from serving God because they have been made to understand that serving God is not a routine(Devotion) but a relationship (quiet time).

I Lost Him (Short Story).

Imaginary thought were running through my mind when I sighted him in my new place of work.
Was I dreaming or was he my boss’s son? These were my exact thoughts before I was jerked from thought when I felt a tap on my shoulder, all thanks to my colleague who brought me back to reality.
George was the guy I met in 300L in the University.

He was calm and meticulous, sometimes his outfit makes me wonder if he would
ever be successful in life.

He was one of those guys that was on my neck then. I knew he was sincere but he was definitely not my type, I had picture the future of my husband and he doesn’t look like the picture, so I rejected him and he stopped coming till he was in his finals.

One evening, he gave me the biggest suprise of my life. He came to see the marriage committee in my church, how he got to know my church was a mystery and they called me to inform me of George’s intentions. But then, I told them I was not ready and I even lied that God told me that he was not the one.

So case closed, he finished as the best graduating student in our University- Babcock University.(B.U)
Since I wasn’t interested in him, I got busy with my life. Focused on my academics and self development, and now, I am done with school, but sighting him at my work place, made me roll back the curtains of memory. I felt bad, unknown to me that George was approaching me, I just looked up and I saw him, and he said Hi! “Grace, it’s been ages, how are you?, Anyways, I want to invite you to my wedding coming up this Saturday, I Believe my father would allow you to come because I just spoke with him and he has promised to release the staff bus for as many that wants to come, please I would love to see you and I will love you to meet my beautiful wife.” He said to me!

I was dumbfounded! Found it hard to mutter a word, I became a stammerer within few minutes, but he saw I was uncomfortable, so he shook my hands and gave me his Business card to call him anytime I am free and relaxed.

I managed to say thank you and he left.
I wished the ground should swallow me!
I was devasted!
I looked at the card and I saw that he was truly my MD’s son.

I was downcasted and managed to handle my duties well throughout the day and that was not all. The MD had a meeting with us that his son will be taking over after his wedding so that he can concentrate on his company outside the country, that almost made me to collapse but I had to hold back the tears that was already forming in my eyes.

But I held it back and I went home with the remaining energy in me and I got home crying profusely because the guy that dumped me for my best friend was my supposed rich husband unknown to me that he was just fake and he had to do that to get me. If only I knew George had a vision and all he wanted was a lady that loves him for who he is and not what he has.

Now the question is should I go for his wedding?
Should I continue working in that company.?

I’d love y’all to air your opinion.

Ladies don’t settle for a guy’s pocket, watch out for his Purpose so that you don’t end up marrying a rich PURPOSELESS guy or an ACTING rich guy.





A lot of people don’t really understand why God placed an emphasis on  “honouring our parent”.
Like it is poplularly known that we are governed by the principles and not miracles, and these principles are definitely from the word of God.

You can’t dishonour your parent and expect your children to HONOUR you

A lot of people feel that honouring their parent is only by obeying them,(which I call honouring their words) I believe it is part of it but it not the real deal.

I even feel bad when I see people with godly parent and yet they don’t know honour God in their life. Can I be candid with you dishonoring them simply means you are dishonoring God in their life.

Though the Bible say honour your parent in the lord but you can honour your parent that is not in the lord in another way so that you can bring them to the lord.

Please give me your attention, don’t drop your phone yet,
The kind of honour God is talking about here is honour in all ramifications.

Honour them in words,deeds, actions, gifts etc.

THOUGH It might be little but it definitely means a lot to them and they will bless you more than the way your friends will bless you.
The truth is you activate honour back into your life.
A lot of sisters/brothers in the lord wants to honour their parent( in the lord) when they are probably married or rich ( in others words when they have enough money).

It is a so wrong, anytime I have a little change, I usually buy something for my mum and she prays for me, anytime she picks up that thing, her heart will always bless me
The truth is I got this Revelation from God and I started working on it , I didn’t allow the devil to cheat by allowing me to depend on work(house chores) I do for them or to wait till I have enough money.

I honour them by God’s grace with the little I have, I remembered I bought a slippers for my mum and anytime she wears, she will bless me or say I will show your husband the slippers you bought for me.
And I will just be blushing but she is literally happy and she didn’t expect me to buy it for her.

You might not buy slippers, shoe, house,flowervase , wrist watch etc for them, it is not the gift that matters, it is the heart you use in buying the gifts that matter most, you can buy bread but because they were not expecting it, they will bless you so much that you will feel you bought the world for me.
And even if they don’t, anytime they consume that bread, their heart will bless you so much.

I remembered the day I bought fruit for mum and drinks for my dad,  anytime my mum picks up the fruit to eat, she necessarily don’t need  to say mary you are blessed, but because she is eating it and she feels good, her spirit will definitely bless me. Same with my dad.

I decided to share this today because it was impressed in my spirit some weeks ago to share it so that people can learn.

That I made up my mind to encourage parent to teach their child early how to honour them parent in all aspect and you will see that the moment they start saving not working, they will honour you back willingly and not forceful. They can start with buying drinks and snacks.

You work out on your parent because you feel you are angry with what they saying and you expect your children not to act that way.
The truth is no parent is perfect so don’t expect them to be flawless but love them and respect them because they were the channel God used to bring you to this world.
Rather see the sense in the everything they say, don’t hiss or slam the door. Nothing Pierce than heart than that.
It Pierce their heart to see that a replica of them doesn’t regard them.
Even if they are have tough people outside or disrespectful people at work, in church etc they expect you to do better.
They feel bittered if you act the way other people act, so anytime you want to act annoying, think twice and pray for grace.

Lastly honour them in any way you can, you might be responsible for the upkeep of the family but honour them with memories they will forever live to remember.
#This is the first COMMANDMENT with a BLESSING.
#Trust me when I say you sowing into your future.

Note: Honour Is a mystery. Honour removes hindrances on your way to destiny.  Believe me there is a power in honour that breaks protocol. Believe me when I say this.

Especially when you have a parent who is all out for God and the things of God. They don’t need to bless you, your life automatically attract blessing and honor, because their heart blesses you.

And also
It is one way that you can thank them for their years of sacrifice and for the ways they have poured into you.